Calcium has prominent effects on neuromuscular functions of different organs and systems (figure 1). The start of milking is associated with calcium excretion in milk and colostrum , low dry matter intake and inefficient calcium homeostatic mechanisms in dairy cows and consequently , calcium concentration imbalance will occur in blood . Most of dairy cows are suffering from different degree of hypocalcemia in periparturation period. Clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia in fresh cows (have recently calved ) has adverse effects on future herd health, milk production , reproduction and economics performances . Recent studies have indicated that subclinical hypocalcemia incidence in heifers and second or greater lactation cows are 25 % and 50% respectively. Economical loss of subclinical hypocalcemia is much greater than clinical form. For instance, in a 2000 cows herd with 2% clinical hypocalcemia incidence and 300 $ estimated treatment cost, the total annual loss reach to 12 000 $. In this herd if subclinical hypocalcemia in second lactation cows and greater lactation cows are 30 % and 65 % respectively and with estimated eliminating cost per cow about 125 $ (related to milk production decline, higher ketosis incidence of displaced abomasum), annual economics loss reach to 48750 $. (4 folds to clinical forms). Considering the high incidence of subclinical hypocalcemia and subsequent problems such as milk production decline, uterus prolapse, dystocia, retained placenta, metritis, mastitis, ketosis, displaced abomasum and immunity suppression, so the usage of oral calcium compounds together with other management measures have prominent effects on blood calcium balance. A study indicated that calcium fast release supplements in cows with higher milk yield in the previous lactation (greater than 105% of flock rank) and in lamed cows increased 3.1 Kg the milk yield average in first month.
Figure 1: Roles of calcium in body systems and hypocalcemia related clinical and subclinical disease

Products Characteristics (Oral Gelatin Capsule)

CALCIUM ZOOPHACAP is a fast - release capsule and indicated as a new method for rapid calcium increase in blood during the calving. Following the administration, calcium reaches to sufficient level in 15-30 minutes and maintains it in a balance level up to 6 hours. This product is manufactured under license of France ALPHATECH company (the largest European livestock supplements producer) and all raw materials are imported from this company.


• Prevents the clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia and treatment of subclinical form and first stage of milk fever.
• Balances the calcium around the calving and consequently prevent of metabolic disease
• Prevents of downer cow in calcium infused cows
• Supportive treatment in other disease

Product Advantages (Oral Gelatin Capsule)

• The recommended treatment dose supplies total animal need
• The product is applied simply and in a short time
• No side effects (completely safe) and stress of IV and SC infusion
• No withdrawal period
• No undesirable taste (similar feed additive compounds has adverse effect on dry matter intake because of undesirable taste)

Dosage and Route of Administration

Apply with bolus applicator
Traditional husbandry:One bolus before calving , one bolus during calving and if necessary reuse 12 hours later ( depending on clinical signs, dosage and duration is increasable)
Modern husbandry:One bolus during the calving and one bolus 12 hours later (depending on clinical signs, dosage and duration is increasable)


12 capsules each 90 gr
In plastic foam box


Keep in 15-25 “C and 40-60 humidity