CHARCOAL ZOOPHACAP Oral Charcoal Capsule For Large Animal


Activated charcoal capsule is used for drug and other agents poisoning and prevents systemic poison absorption. Activated charcoal is not metabolized or absorbed in GI tract . Thanks to have huge contact surface and very numerous pores, it passes and excretes the toxins through GI tract by 4 steps: absorption, mechanical filtration, ion exchange and oxidation.

Product characteristics

Charcoal capsule is a natural detoxifier originated from oat tree. Briefly, charcoal adheres to the solid particles of fluid content of GI tract in a mechanical procedure (absorption) then the adhered solid particles are excluded from lumen liquid phase. In next step, due to positive and negative charges on charcoal particles, it absorbs and exchanges the free radicals in a reversible reaction. In final step, surface charcoal particles react to oxidized material of GI tract content to excrete the toxins. Other charcoal pores entrap, absorb and excrete the harmful bacteria originated enterotoxins and the mycotoxins but not absorb smaller molecules like vitamins and micronutrients at all. This product is manufactured under license of France ALPHATECH company (the largest European livestock supplements producer) and all raw materials are imported from this company.

Product Advantages (oral Gelatin Capsule)

• No undesirable taste
• No withdrawal period
• No side effects (completely safe)
• The product is applied simply and in a short time
• The recommended treatment dose supplied total animal need

Dosage and Route of Administration

1-3 gr /Kg BW . 1-10 capsules are needed depending on toxicity severity and repeatable every 8-12 hours until clinical signs disappear. Generally, one dose is sufficient.


• Drug poisoning remedy
• Oral toxins excretion from GI tract
• Mycotoxins absorption and elimination
• Bacterial toxins absorption and elimination
• Supportive treatment in indigestion


12 capsules each contains 40 gr
Packaged in plastic foam box


Keep in 15-25 ,C and 40-60 % humidity