ENER ZOOPHACAP Oral Calcium Propionate Capsule For Dairy Cattle


Nowadays, high producing dairy cattle nutrition is a real challenge. Dry matter intake decreases 30-50% during pre-parturation period for few weeks. Also, milking cattle are in negative energy balance at least in their first 5 weeks of production. The negative energy balance induces fat mobilization from the adipose tissue and consequently the non- esterified fatty acids ( NEFA )level increase in blood and liver. When this level precedes the liver metabolism capacity , triglycerides accumulation and keton body (including BHBA ) production will rise in liver. Also, there is a calcium negative balance because of hormonal imbalance caused by the changes in calcium consumption pathway and calcium homeostasis . NEFA and BHBA increase and calcium blood level decrease are related to different metabolic and reproductive diseases such as clinical and subclinical ketosis , fatty liver, abomasum displacement, mastitis, clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia , retained placenta, metritis and pregnancy failure. Because of unsuccessful overcome to dry matter intake decline in transition period (3 weeks before and after calving) in addition to physiologic condition which changed energy and calcium balance, use of glucose precursor and calcium oral capsules are necessary to prevent any metabolic disorder. Propionate affects on gluconeogenesis and insulin secretion. Insulin level rise decreases adipose mobilization and keton body production in the liver. Different studies show that calcium propionate increases nutrient digestibility and makes energy and calcium balanced and also increases milk production and reproduction performance.

Product characteristics

ENER ZOOPHACAP supplies calcium propionate needs in forms of oral gelatin capsules to meet energy and calcium requirements for the animals.
ENER ZOOPHACAP includes dextrose, various minerals and vitamins in addition to calcium propionate.


Makes energy and calcium balanced in late pregnant cows and controls metabolic diseases Controls ketosis, fatty liver disease and hypocalcemia in recently-calved cows (fresh cows)
To reach the best achievement in hypocalcemia control, use this product together with CALCIUM ZOOPHACAP.
Treatment of ketosis and hypocalcemia together with other usual treatments Supportive treatment in other disease.

Product Advantages (Oral Gelatin Capsules)

• The recommended treatment dose supplies total animal need
• The product is applied simply and in a short time
• No side effects (completely safe)
• No withdrawal period
• No undesirable taste (similar feed additive compounds has adverse effect on dry matter intake because of undesirable taste)


Keep in 15-25 degree centigrade and 40-60 % humidity


12 capsules each 60 gr in plastic foam box

Dosage and route of administration

2 capsules daily for 2 consecutive days
Apply with bolus applicator