POTASSIUM ZOOPHACAP Oral chloride potassium capsule for large animals


Potassium is one of the major intracellular cations . Sufficient level of potassium is needed for : cellular flexibility power, nerve impulse transfer, smooth ,skeletal and cardiac muscle contraction , normal renal function and body fluids electrolyte balance. Also, potassium has roles in carbohydrate consumption and protein synthesis. Chloride is the major extracellular anion which has close relation with sodium metabolism and any change in extracellular chloride concentration affects on body acid –base balance. Hypokalemia is a common metabolic disorder in milking dairy cows following of clinical mastitis and metritis induced appetite loss , upper GI tract obstruction ( including abomasum displacement , abomasum torsion and abomasum impaction ), severe diarrhea and other diseases. Hypokalemia predisposes animal to general muscle weakness (ended to downer syndrome) , depression , complete appetite loss , cardiac arhythmia (Atrial fibrillation ), metabolic disorders, production loss and reproduction system inefficiency.

Product characteristics

Potassium ZOOPHACAPis an efficient product to treat potassium blood level drop in animals suffering from Hypokalemia and metabolic alkalosis. This product is manufactured under license of France ALPHATECH company (the largest European livestock supplements producer) and all raw materials are imported from this company

Product Advantages (oral Gelatin Capsule)

• The recommended treatment dose supplies total animal need
• The product is applied simply and in a short time
• No side effects ( completely safe )
• No withdrawal period
• No undesirable taste


• The choice treatment for Hypokalemia
• Hypokalemia induced downer syndrome
• Supportive treatment for appetite loss (by mastitis , abomasums displacement and diarrhea )
• Treatment of Hypokalemia following the glucocortoids compounds administration (Isoflupredone and Dexamethasone)
Supportive treatment in metabolic alkalosis

Dosage and Route of Administration

Administrated by bollus applicator
1-2 capsules in hypokalemic animal . Repeat again after 12 hours.


12 capsules each 100 gr
In plastic foam box


Keep in 15-25 “C and 40-60 % humidity