ZOOPRAMID Metoclopramide 0.5%

- 100 ml
- Drug Preparation: Inject able solution
- Caution: For veterinary use only


- Metoclopramide has been used in veterinary species for both its GI stimulatory and anti emetic properties.
- It has been used clinically for gastric stasis disorders, gastro esophageal reflux and to allow intubations of the small intestine. As a general anti emetic (for parvovirus, uremic gastritis, etc.) and as an anti emetic to prevent or treat chemotherapy induced vomiting.
- It can decrease the incidence and severity of persistent post operative ileus following resection and anastomosis of the small intestine in horses without serious side effects (effective in prevention and treatment of postoperative ileus).
- Ileus
- GI atony and spasm
- GI distention
- Improves gastric emptying , upper GI function and small intestinal motility.
- In foals with reflux esophagitis secondary to delayed gastric outflow caused by gastroduodenal ulcer disease or gastric paresis, it can reduce gastroesophageal reflux by increasing lower esophageal sphincter tone, gastric emptying and gastroduodenal coordination.

Dosage & Administration

In small animal : 0.5-1 cc per/10kg body weight
In large animal : 2 cc per/100 kg body weight


Store below 30 degree centigrade Protect from freezing
- Route of Administration: intravenous
- Withdrawal Period: nill

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